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Jul 31, 2014
9:36 am
Jul 30, 2014
9:59 am
Jul 30, 2014
2:57 am
Jul 29, 2014
8:02 pm
Jul 29, 2014
1:40 am
Well, I guess I was long overdue with writing a new journal entry, especially since the last that's still around was rather depressive and isn't very motivating at all.

So, I guess I might share with you what happened since my last journal in both personal and project ways yet, again and try my best to keep things informative without being too much exaggerations.

:spotlight-left: But first - since this is at the very top of the journal - I want to make way for some small advertisment: :spotlight-right:

:iconcheerplz: :iconarkinghelena: - a great voice actress and Winx-Club-Artist is taking point Commissions for both Voice-Based Works as well as Art-Related stuff; you should check out her gallery - if you're looking for a sweet cover for your character or a nice artwork once in a while, she definitely is your girl! :iconcheerplz:

Well, I'll come back to that later on; but for now, it might be best if I cover up how my fight on my in the "outlands" went on since my last edit - and since it's always against two "fronts" of sorts, this might be quite entertainful to read.

What goes on my "personal-live" front, it's going well for most cases. Unlike at the time when I - more or less - came back to the world of :devart: where I had mostly failed in my general ambitions due to a bad grade point average following messed up finals, this time, things are looking more brightly. I managed to get a good degree and - while I still have to set and decide the course for which path I'll ultimately move up the "career" ladder - in that case either in Art Design or in Media-Informatics - no matter what, either road I'll chose will ultimately bring me closer to a very reliable job-position later on and move up my talents required for the projects I'm partiallary still working on or want to take later on.

However, there's still a spanner in the works - that is one of my "family-members". Said member - following the heavy arguments and even partially forceful confrontations between the three of us - now has to fight against the healthy consequences that said person has committed on its body out of medical abuse.

While this greatly disturbs me, still, since there's no way I could help, so I'll (have to) continue as if nothing was wrong.

What goes for my "project-based" front, that's a whole different story. While I'm still on it, I've also started other, smaller experiments with different sources which, while not being related to the main-hub-project at all, still will ultimately lead to the big one.

However, there still are two bigger obstacles which hinder me to get through as much material in such a short period of time as possible which also won't be going away the next time soon - one of them still being school related since I'll have to go through and eventually have to write a term paper in Literatur-Illustration; 'though at least - since I'll have to do some "grotesque" pictures for it, those results will be shared once done as well as be made good use of related future projects which would also require me to posess the skill of creating the one or other more "macabre" art. In addition may come the fact that I also might taking on a job, again, in about 4-5 weeks for a short period of time which also might push things up a little, but that's secondary for now and not worth talking about 'til I know more about it.

The other thing that binds me now? Well, I prefer not to talk about it, but a sort of "writer's block" in connection with a task I still have to go after ('though not related in any way to you, :icondarth-drago: and :iconirishbrewinc: ) comes very close to it.

So, that still begs two things in mind which I didn't go into more detail according to the journal title: Advertisment and New Project List. For the latter, while I won't reveal what small side stuff I still want to go through, the least I can do is now officially name the one or other thing I still want to do within the next weeks/months whenever possible and see what I can do 'til the year is done, 'though I won't name all directly, but rather only give a hint here and then by naming the one or other artist who have become my new sources for inspiration to go after other (short-lived, but still) projects less related to the big one. So far, the list includes:

  1. The update of this flick  Dark Origins - Text Excerpt
    "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power. "
    - Abraham Lincoln
    Have knowledge, you got power you get power, you get everything you wish for. But wishers are horses a perfect fit for fools who believe they can get things so easily by wishing for it.
    It took me a long time to do realize this and through this awareness I became the person to achieve respect.
    I am Gabelle Contran, but I prefer to be called Contractor meanwhile. A long time ago, I used to be the son from the royal blood line of the Contrans. This title was given to my family by the first ruler of the kingdom I once could call "home" , as my ancestors had owned many ships to sail the sea in order to get the rarest items around  the world. A special skill, all of my ancestors shared, was the ability to haggle pretty well with merchants and customers. Even my father had this talent to make such good deals to please everyone.
    But then, one day, big tragedy
    (which I should have done since coming back already, but decided against it, 'cause I wanted to upload it in full measure rather than just leaving it be at the same spot, again.
  2. A small writing series which will be done by :iconirishbrewinc: , :icondarth-drago: and me which will also play in the same universe as the flick above; however since they're still waiting for me to start, I'll have to try to get some free room once I've taken care of my special "writer's block".
  3. A last comic flick featuring :iconcomx-1: 's Chess and "Comic-Style" me.
  4. A coloring for :iconfourth-star: needed for a Commission I wanted of her.
  5. :iconx-destinys-force-x: and :iconsorasprincesss: as hints of inspiration for one idea in mind.
  6. A - yes, after ages, again perhaps one single TF-based idea/inspiration for following a new webcomic series of awesomess done by :iconvalsalia: - seriously, you should check his story "Out of Placers" out, it's one of very rare series I'm truly inclined to read on and I like his sense of creativity on the world he has created.
  7. Of course the main project and its related counterparts.
  8. Still got to take care of the 90.000th Kiriban Price, that's why I won't give out one for 100.000th despie the fact it'll come soon, 'though I might come back to that one later on

Please keep in mind, that 5 and 6, while listed, might not be done in the actual way I list them now, but might eventually see daylight in one way or another.

Also, this is not the full list, since there are many other, smaller things I also am going by on the sidelines at the same time, but don't find them as significant enough to name them and to prevent of having to name people involved into this.

However, I've named one of those persons already in the very beginning and I'd have liked to go back on that subject now in better detail:

Yes, :iconarkinghelena: has done me one great favor with a certain performance she gave to me and that's why I want to help her out in getting people to take commissions for her. I think that so far, she had been very underrated for what she does and I strongly believe that she deserves better than that.

So if any of you, friends, might have catched in interest for Commissioning her for anything that's either voice or art-related for :points: , then please feel free to do so.

In case you need a demonstration of what she can do, she did a great favor to me by giving live to one of my characters to appear as guest character in my main (not-original-based) project, to be more precisely it's Nina, my Winx OC ----> Nina - The Fairy of Fantasies by theheroofdarkness ----> here is a small sample for an animated scene that she'll appear in ultimately:

As said, I think she did an awesome job on giving the character a sense of self and I even feel ashamed that she hasn't got anyone else who has commissioned her so far besides me. So, if there's anything you'd like her to do for you, be it Winx, Art or Voice-Related, then just go ahead and ask, she knows a great deal to do what you'd like her to do for you.

Alright, I guess this shall cover up things for now - since I still have one great lenght of :work: to go after, I'll leave it be for here and force my attention back on other matters, again.

Until next time - farewell.

Oh and for all Americans out of there - have a Happy Fourth July! :iconfireworks-plz:

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